Western/Cowboy Dressage
Our School of Horsemanship offers lessons in Western/Cowboy Dressage with your horse or our Colonial Spanish Horses, under the guidance of equine professionals.  Western/Cowboy Dressage combines western horsemanship with elements of classical dressage, focusing on softness, balance, and the relationship between the horse and rider.  You will learn centered horsemanship and how to gently influence the horse's movement and balance by properly timing your aids in coordination with his footfalls.

    We will provide a collaborative and progressive training program from the ground up.  Our programs will develop a horse and rider that are mentally relaxed and engaged, physically strong, balanced, supple, and flexible.  You and your horse will be able to work in a calm, confident, finessed, and harmonious manner.

    The Western/Cowboy dressage training method teaches cadence, rhythm, stride control, and tempo.  This provides a free flowing comfortable ride.  Lightness and harmony are the goal of Western/Cowboy Dressage riding, where the horse and rider become one.

Rancho Del Sueño
Equine Division of Heritage Discovery Center, Inc.
This is experiential, interactive education.  Helmets and boots are required (can be provided upon request).  

    Our lesson packages are as follows:

    Private Lessons 1 Hr
    Monthly Block 4 lessons=$260, 5 lessons=$325, Pay as you go​​ $70/lesson
    Private 1/2 hour
    Monthly block 4 lessons=$160, 5 lessons=$200, Pay as you go $45/lesson

    Semi-Private 1 hr
    Monthly block 4 lesson $​​​​220, 5 lessons $275, Pay as you go $60/lesson

    Group (3 or more riders)​ 1 hr
    Monthly block $200/rider​ adding a single lesson to ride with existing group $55/lesson
    **Additional charges to use our horses and tack. $20 per lesson

    ​**Cancellation Policy**​ 24 Hour notice for all lessons to avoid lesson charge for missed lesson

    For more information and for booking, please contact (559) 868-8681 or email hdc.ranchodelsueno@gmail.com.

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