No other animal has played so great a role in the history of warfare as the horse.  For thousands of years, nations have risen and fallen by the participation of the horse. In recognition of the long and illustrious relationship between the horse and the branches of the American military, we salute this enduring relationship.

                        Today, horses have a vitally important role in continuing to serve our veterans returning with physical and emotional wounds and to their families. Horses help our heroes heal through experiencing the joy, peacefulness, solace, compassion and unconditional love that the horses have to offer. This creates special relationships, companionship, and bonds that is necessary in every facet of life.

                        Our program offers an opportunity for our heroes and their families to overcome their fears and build a confident lifestyle. Whether suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), physical wounds, the invisible wounds of war or the stress of frequent deployment, horses help reconnect families and build relationships.
Our horses help our Veterans and their families deal with a broad range of mental and physical health issues:

                        • Acute stress related issues
                        • Addictive behaviors such as chemical dependency and eating disorders
                        • Anger management, depression, adjustment issues
                        • Trauma resolution, impulse control issues and suicide
Rancho Del Sueño offers additional therapy and learning opportunities with our Hispanic horses for our Hispanic Heroes.   Our Colonial Spanish historical horses can be traced back to thousands of years of exploration, war and the colonization of the Americas (New World).
Don Garate on Cristo, a Colonial Spanish Stallion from Rancho Del Sueño.
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Horses & Heroes
Rancho Del Sueño
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Rancho Del Sueño is proud to work with Horses4Heroes and Wounded Warriors