When I met the Wilbur-Cruce Spanish Colonial horses I was impressed with their nobility and calmness, and innate confidence. It was as if Francisco (foundation stallion) had stepped out of the paintings of Velasquez, hovering in front of me like some legendary time-traveler. These are the horses of the Conquest. We had taken Francisco up to La Purisima Mission near Lampoc and there we photographed him taking part in a re-enactment around the mission grounds with many of the locals who make up a vital support group who run tours and workshops. Francisco did everything he was asked. He enchanted everyone who met him. Right at the end as I was packing up my gear I turned to see this stallion with a group of children around his legs and crawling all over him. Without so much as a hair turned, he took it all in stride and when it was all over, he put himself back into his trailer. What a horse!~Caroline Baldock, author/historian/horsewomanMuseum of the Horse, London, England