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Rancho Del Sueño's historical re-enactment demonstrations offer a unique approach to California colonial history education.  Our 'Living History' exhibitions take place at festivals, parades,  and other venues to help interpret Californian cultural history.  Our horses and riders have made appearances in documentaries and presentations such as:
    For more information on our historical re-enactment services, contact us at (559) 868-8681 or email us at
    • The Rose Parade
    • Santa Barbara Fiesta/Parade
    • Santa Barbara Mission Days
    • Kid City (L.A. Times children's fair)
    • Monterrey Historical Presentations
    • Purisma Mission Interpretative Days
    • The Wild West Film Festival
    • Joaquin Murieta Festival
    •  Carmel Mission
    •  Vaquero Days
    •  Fandango Celebration
    •  "Generations" (historical documentary)
    •  "Californio" (annual celebration)
    •  "Anza" (historical dedication)
    •  "Spanish Barb Horse" (endangered species documentary)
    Equine Division of Heritage Discovery Center, Inc.
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    Rancho Del Sueño