Rancho Del Sueño has developed an innovative educational (EAP/EAL) program designed to build, strengthen and develop life skills.  The unique component of this program is the opportunity to interact with horses.  Horses are a critical piece of this program as they provide immediate, indisputable feedback regarding the participant’s behavior.  The horses’ feedback is used as a tool/method to encourage self-discovery and foster a desire within the person for positive life changes. This program runs fifteen consecutive weeks.  Groups meet weekly for an hour and a half and consist of eight participants.

Additional Programs​​

Pony Painting Parties
One of the Herd​

Sessions are held throughout the year.  For more information contact us at (559) 868-8681 or email hdc.ranchodelsueno@gmail.com.
Equine Division of Heritage Discovery Center, Inc.
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Rancho Del Sueño
At Risk Youth
Growth & Learning Program for Youth
Rancho Del Sueno
40222 Millstream Lane
​​​​​​Madera, CA  93636
​​​(559) 868-8681​​​
Rancho Del Sueño utilizes an experiential learning model where individuals are asked to participate in a series of progressively challenging activities with horses.  Group members begin with simple tasks such as touching and grooming, then progress to haltering, learning body language, and communication skills.  (These activities do not include placing participants on horseback.)

                    The tasks are designed to challenge each individual’s ability to solve problems, increase their awareness of both verbal and non-verbal communication and promote a sense of camaraderie/relationship and confidence.  Following these activities, groups will complete chores around the facility giving them the opportunity to practice the skills they are developing.