The General Services Administration's Pacific Rim Region would like to express our profound appreciation for the outstanding work that the Heritage Discovery Center has done in preserving surplus Federally-owned animals over the last ten years. Your museum's approach in using animals for interactive and living historical presentations has granted them a peaceful second life. Your efforts and willingness to give them a comfortable home and care for them for the remainder of their lives is a clear indication of your dedication and commitment.

The Heritage Discovery Center is an excellent example of the benefit that all citizens receive from the Federal/State cooperative surplus property program. The efforts of your organization through and with the California State Agency for Surplus Property have made a significant positive impact on numerous people. institutions and animals. We at GSA thank you for your timeless work and unprecedented dedication to preserving a rich history that many can now enjoy.

Peter G. Stamison
Regional Administrator
U.S. General Service Administration

It is with my pleasure that I write this letter in support of the Heritage Discovery Center and its director, Robin Collins. I have been associated with the Heritage Discovery Center since its inception and have had the opportunity to observe its growth, evolution, and value.

Through Ms. Collins commitment to education and superb teachings skills, I have learned of the diverse and far reaching contributions of the original horse of the Conquistadores to American Heritage. From art to history, commerce to recreation, these horses have been central and significant in their contributions and importance.

The programs that the Heritage Discovery Center provides have the potential to teach children to adults, particularly the disabled and culturally diverse, through lecture, discussion, visual spatial displays and hands on activities. Learning theory suggests that learners learn best when first given information and then by being allowed to experience it in real life situations. The Heritage Discovery Center has living history, art in motion; observable “family” behavior, interaction and communication. The benefits are innumerable.

I feel that the Heritage Discovery Center is worthy of support for all of the opportunities and benefits it provided for children and adults. Please give consideration to providing support.

Dawn Poston, M.A.
Program Specialist
Monterey County Office of Education
Special Education Local Plan Area

It is my personal pleasure to support Robin Collins and the Heritage Discovery Center. This equine facility will effect change through education and international networking. This project is essential to the future welfare of the equine industry.

The Heritage Discovery Center is a non-profit organization managed by professional horse people. It is dedicated to preserving the quality, history, and integrity of the hose and horse related disciplines. HDC includes a “Humane Welfare Center” to aid and rescue unfortunate or abused horses and rehabilitate and place these animals in responsible homes.

The center is also an educational facility to inform the public about the resources available to guide and support equine interests. Special focus is placed on behavior, communication and suitability of the horse. The public will be enlightened about the “true nature” of the horse and its participation in our human development.

Helene G. Rand, Ph.D

Equine Division of Heritage Discovery Center, Inc.
HDC Testimonials & Letters of Recognition
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