SBR WC-1
    WCI 21
Canela Cruce
    ​SBR WC-10
    ​WCI 30
Entonado is a 14.2 hh liver roan overo Wilbur-Cruce horse sired by Francisco, Wilbur-Cruce foundation stallion.  He is a truly impressive horse, extremely baroque in type.  He possesses the very sensible, calm demeanor of Francisco's line and has proven to be very reliable and steady in his classical education.
SBR = Spanish Barb Registry            WCI = Wilbur-Cruce foundation identification number
Equine Division of Heritage Discovery Center, Inc.
Rancho Del Sueño

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Rancho Del Sueno
40222 Millstream Lane
            Madera, CA  93636