Thank You T.S. and K.D. Glide Foundation!
We would like to send out a very grateful and heart warming thank you to the Thorton S. and Katrina D. Glide Foundation for their generous contribution and support of the horses here at Rancho Del Sueno in theses troubling time that have afflicted so many this year.

Leslie Desmond Clinic to be held!!!!
Read all about it!

We would like to welcome Leslie Desmond to Rancho Del Sueno to demo on "The Feel of a Horse" on 12/20/2014 starting at 9:30 am. All are welcome, whether the advanced horseman to the just starting beginner. Groups are welcome. Please visit our home page for further information. This clinic is a fundraiser event to help feed the Critically Endangered Colonial Spanish Wilbur-Cruce horses of Rancho Del Sueno.

Hope to see you all here!!!

Los Californianos - Equine Heritage Tour
Heather Tei Meyer

On behalf of the horses and staff at Rancho Del Sueño, I would like to thank Los Californianos for visiting our facility in Madera, CA on Saturday. It is a pleasure for us to share our lives with these historic Colonial Spanish Horses and our honor to present them to a group that shares their important heritage. They are major components of our nation’s history and we hold their cultural significance in high regard.

From a trainer’s perspective, I found the gathering to be a highly valuable learning experience for the young stallions. They are the future promotional ambassadors for this unique breed and must get accustomed to large groups of people as well as applause from their audiences. I was very satisfied with their level of concentration despite the new and interesting atmosphere that was around them, which just goes to show how remarkably connected these horses are to their humans and how important it is for us to find a means to support the continued preservation of these precious animals.

I was particularly pleased with Lladro’s performance during preparation prior to his bridleless exhibition when everyone gathered around him. Typically, that kind of crowd can be rather overwhelming and unnerving for a young horse that has not had much exposure to the outside world, however, he embraced his audience and boldly demonstrated what he was learning like a seasoned professional. I am very proud of him for that and I am very grateful for the opportunity to share his education with the group.

I would like to personally thank Los Californianos for their visit and participation in the learning process of these youngsters and I very much hope that everyone enjoyed the day as much as I did.
Please visit our website for updates on the education of our young stallions and for more photos from the event. We hope to see you all again soon.

Welcome! :)
Rancho Del Sueño is proud to welcome you to browse our brand new website. We will be posting articles, experiences, and news regularly in this blog, authored by both our board members and our program participants. Feel free to comment on whatever you like. Feedback is very valuable to us. If any of you would like to come out to our ranch and meet these very special horses, we would love to have you. So give us a call to schedule a visit (559) 868-8681.
Rancho Del Sueño
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