Rancho Del Sueño is offering an alternative or additional treatment program designed for children with autism or Asperger's Syndrome and their families.  We are inviting interested families and therapists to our facility to experience a unique opportunity to interact with our therapy horses in the ranch's natural, tranquil setting.  The program will be tailored to suit the varying needs of individual participants.

        Animal interaction and sensory stimulation has been shown to be an effective treatment for the less severe cases of autism.  “Children with autism often have impaired abilities to interpret or express what they see, hear, feel and how their bodies are moving in space. Their brains are unable to organize sensory information when they interact with objects. “(Barbara Smith M.S., Sensory Stimulation Activities for Autism)  These children can often benefit from activities involving sensory integration.  Our “Herd Walks”, “Pony Painting”, and “Soft Touch” are activities which allow them to interact with these gentle animals non-verbally, stimulating curiosity and developing their capacity for focus and creativity.   It is our hope to help accentuate the child's strengths thereby developing their learning skills and building their confidence in an effort to enhance positive behavior in social situations and generate valuable life skills.  
    For more information or to schedule a session, you are welcome to contact our office at         (559) 868-6881 or email us at
Rancho Del Sueño
Equine Division of Heritage Discovery Center, Inc.

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